The TIWI competition winners announced!

The 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign (SDC20) was a joint international initiative organized by Scientix to showcase educational activities promoting STEM. The tagline for this year’s campaign was “Best practices in using innovative STEM resources”, putting the focus in the showcasing of teaching materials and other learning resources.

As part of the SDC20, The Teaching ICT With Inquiry (TIWI) Project organised a competition for teachers eager to share their experience and best practices of classroom implementation of inquiry-based science teaching in ICT and STEM subjects. In this competition we asked teachers to create a TIWI implementation story – a transversal report describing the processes and impact of introducing ICT with inquiry method by using collaborative spaces as personal learning environments for students to work on research projects and particular tasks and Go-Lab as a teaching methodology. Notwithstanding the emergency situation caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, the TIWI competition confirmed that teachers care about the continuation of education and are ready to adapt to new situations. On this regard, we received 14 submissions and the following were the winners selected:

  • Aleksej Peržu, Vilniaus Aleksandro Puškino gimnazija, Lithuania
  • Mario  Di Fonza, ISIS EUROPA, Italy
  • Lidia Ristea, Secondary Scool I.A. Bassarabescu, Romania
  • Rigonda Skorulskiene, Kaunas Jesuit High School, Lithuania
  • Stefania Matzari, Olohmero Dhmotiko Scholio To Kryfo Scholio, Cyprus

Thank you all and congratulations to the winners!

Furthermore, to thank all participants, here are the 12 submissions considered eligible, featured as good examples of Inquiry Learning Space.

What happens next? Stay tuned because the winners will see their stories published in the final publication of the project, giving great recognition to the submitter’s achievements.